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Andagel 3D Flash Game

2008-11-05 18:51:55 by popopt

Thursday I'll be releasing Andagel on Newgrounds. It a 3d adventure and it's powered by Sandy 3D. You play as Andagel, a trained agent tasked with stealing an energy source from the sprawling Mega-corp Chemicoy.

The original game was much different, and was a Fantasy based 3d sequel to my other games, Nimian Flyer Legends and Nimian Hunter. ABout half-way through i decided to tell a Science-fiction based story instead based on my characters from JunxCity.com, and so Andagel was born.

Thanks to everyone who played and commented on my original games. I hope you'll have a lot of feedback and enjoy this one too. Newgrounds has been a really great support and I'm looking forward to posting the game here Thursday night.

Andagel 3D Flash Game


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2008-11-05 18:55:24

wow looks awesome!!! Keep up the good work ;D

popopt responds:

Theopen source Sandy 3D engine was really easy to work with. Its my first true 3d game:)


2008-11-05 19:01:31

I have been a fan of all your works, so Im looking forward to this very much.

popopt responds:

Thanks Mindchamber. I'm glad you played my other games. This one is from the same universe as them, just a different place, so im glad to keep telling the story.


2008-11-05 20:23:09

Oh I remember this from FGL!
Can't wait to play it on NG! :D

popopt responds:

:) yup - i found a great sponsor there - Newgrounds:) Cool to see you saw it there too.


2008-11-05 21:01:08

your games are quite amazing can't wait for this to follow the path.

popopt responds:

Hi Praise - thanks corrupted:) I hope youll enoy it too.


2008-11-05 22:10:37

Happy Guy Fawke's Day!

popopt responds:

;) Merci


2008-11-05 22:37:19

Cool! I can't wait, especially seeing how amazing your other games have been. well, I'll be sure to check it out when I can. Thanks!!!

popopt responds:

Thanks for the compliments. I just spent 5 hours (!) finishing the gameguide to go with it. Its basic but will help you if you get stuck, and you can access it from the game.


2008-11-06 00:05:24

looks kinda like dead space its probably better if you put the girl on the left side?

popopt responds:

Dead space - i want to play that but did Fable 2 and Far cry first. Great feedback about the left side - i need an option to switch for lefthanded people. Thanks for the feedback;)


2008-11-06 00:16:22

Looks visually amazing!
I best have a look at this sandy 3d engine.

popopt responds:

Sandy 3Dis great. It has a lot of features that make making 3d flash games pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it, and tons of great tutorials. Plus its open source. You can do a lot more than what ive done here too - i just used bits i needed. Check it out at http://www.flashsandy.org/


2008-11-06 19:08:35

Its a good game but theres a few BIG problems,but it still gets my fav.
#1,Aiming-The aiming and screen shots are pretty bad but it aint ruining the game.
#2-Extra visuals-The charater when you press space its kinda bad becuse it just stays like that,I understand that flash is hard but it looks you cut it out and thats it.

Thats the only problems I found.


2008-11-06 23:48:54

Well, on screenshot this looks realy better.


2008-11-07 00:39:48

yo, dude who wrote a review here. I mentioned Sin and Punishment. seriously, look into that game, like, i think it could inspier you, cuz it's really a twist on the 3rd person shooter, that i think you were sorta aiming for. Really, if you have a wii, pick it up, if you have an N64, i don't think it's possible to find it, but emulate it or something, but really, i think it would really inspire you, cuz you have potential.

popopt responds:

I checked out the gameplay on Youtube - very cool. Kind of like panzer dragoon but with a girl and scifi:) i do have aa wii - is it on the download channel? if yes ill definitey try it out. Its cool to find good vintage games through recommendations like this.


2008-11-07 23:15:42

me again. yea its on the shop channel. only problem is its 1200 points cuz its an import, like, its never been released in the US, but i mean, there are ways around points if you choose to take that path. heh, just kiddin man, dont wanna corrupt minds here. anyway, yea, its a cool game, only thing is, its pretty short, so iunno if you wanna spend 12 bucks on a game that you can beat in one sitting. still, its a good game.


2008-12-03 16:27:07

Hey can I recomend something
I really like ur 3d flash games and stuff and I was hopeing that the next 3d game .... you could you know make a story line and make it like an army shooting game XD ty peace out home crunk


2010-08-13 20:32:56

it looks decent.